Motivation – Make Something Good


Sometimes you can’t do much about what happens, but here’s what you can always do. You can make something good out of it.

You cannot prevent the tragedy, the injustice, the heartache that’s already gone down. Yet you can work to make something good from it.

You can smile, look forward, hold your head up high. You can choose to be a positive influence in each moment that you have the good fortune to occupy.

Driven by your intention to do so, you can make something good out of it. With gratitude, responsibility, compassion and love, you can give life a more positive version of itself.

You don’t have to complain or regret or blame or seethe in anger. You can stand up, step forward, with enthusiasm, with good cheer, and make something good of it.

From the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the joyous, the uncertain, choose to respond in a positive, life-affirming way. See what’s possible, do what you can do, and make something good.

— Ralph Marston

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